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Features You Can Expect

Safe-T-Lite Overlay Designs
Heavy Duty Hardware
Deeply Embossed Texture

Legacy Steel Options

Finishing Instructions

Repainting the Door

Wash the surface thoroughly with a solution of *Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). Buff the surface lightly with extra fine-grade steel wool. Repair any rust or bare metal areas and coat with a zinc-based primer. Paint with premium quality oil base or latex exterior paint. Avoid the use of solvents (mineral spirits can be used). Apply paint to a small area of the door to test for adhesion. If the new paint does not chip, crack, or bubble, apply it to the remainder of the door. If in doubt about the correct paint system to use, contact a painting professional.

*TSP is a common cleaning ingredient and is available at most hardware stores.

Repainting Window Frames & Decorative Inserts

Remove the insert from the window. Wash with mild detergent and buff the surface lightly with extra fine-grade steel wool. The frames can be repainted with either:

  • An oil-based primer/latex top coat or
  • An oil-based paint (no primer required)

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